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  • Does ISOHorse offer Support ?

    Yes, ISOHorse offers support and we are always willing to help our customers get the most out of using our service and their ad listings.

  • Can I list real estate on ISOHorse?

    Yes, as long as it is related to a farm, stable, or property with land for farming or equine activities. Common sense needs to be applied here. If we feel like your real estate ad does not fit or is not in accordance with our site, we reserve the right to remove it with no refund of the ad listing price going back to the individual/s who placed the ad.

  • What types of ads can be placed?

    Ads about horses, farm equipment, leases, and tack can be placed using our service. As long as your ad has to do with the equine industry or farming as a whole, there will be no issues. If your ad does not adhere to these guidelines we reserve the right to remove it at our sole discretion, with no refund be given to the individual/s who placed the ad.

  • Can I post a video inside of my ad?

    Absolutely. All ads give you the ability to place a YouTube URL (video) inside of them, thus, giving you the ability to display a video inside of your ad. All placed ads on our site give you this feature at no additional cost.

  • How many images can I post to my ad?

    All ads give you the ability to post 10 different images. Plus you can arrange them and order them how you want them to display in sequence.

  • Do I have my own page?

    Each ad poster will be able to be found on our sellers page, individually. This page will show a list or grid of all of the individuals or businesses who have posted an ad on our site. When one of the ad posters images is clicked, it will then take you to a page that will show all of the ads the individual or business has posted on our site.

  • Do I have to register/signup to message a buyer?

    Short answer, Yes.

  • How to I check my messages from buyers and sellers?

    ISOHorse come's with complete Messages solution. You just need to go to your profile dashboard and there you will be able to see all your messages and conversations.

  • Do ads require review and approval before being visible on the site?

    No, however, if you place an ad that is not in accordance with our community guidelines then your ad could be removed, and your account could be shut down.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    Nope, We strongly believe in, what you see is what you get.

  • How long will my ad be posted for for?

    It depends on the package you buy.